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The studio/independent comics press founded by a friend and I is UP! We have a website and a functioning web store. We're taking preorders on the first volume of our anthology Tankadere now! Thirteen stories, 96 pages, twenty fantastic artists. Onoraptor and other comics (including one I've been working on for a while now) will also be available there.

Find us at http://crabtankink.com

I'd also like to remind everyone that I have moved from LJ to wordpress, and can be found at http://charibdys.wordpress.com




FINALS ARE DONE! Not only am I still alive, I'm setting up a SHINY NEW BLOG. A NON LJ BLOG. I will let you know about RSS feeds as soon as I figure out how to set that up or whatever, but meanwhile:


I am not leaving LJ and will be lurking around to read and chat with everyone as I was doing before, but all of my art posting and news will be up on the wordpress site now. I will be (trying to) update it weekly, and there will be lots of juicy news and information on printmaking, art, design, comics, works in progress, and the Portland art scene. I am also on deviantart, if you'd like to see the crap I do while avoiding schoolwork. There's a lot of exciting stuff coming up next year, so I hope you stay tuned!

I think I've grown out of being chibi now.


Jul. 17th, 2010

Whoops. I haven't posted in forever. So, uh, here, have some silly sketches while I work on getting an actual printmaking studio set up.

Alasander and CephalosCollapse )

My DeviantArt page has been updated, though! Check it out!

Status update!

I'm home again (was on a sudden trip to Hawaii to see family, nothing to worry about). I have tea and hot dogs, it's raining outside, house to myself, school tomorrow, a job (sporadic as it may be). And yesterday I went to see a dance, and there were saws and a headdress of knives and a dude who picked up and danced with the stage and creepy masked shinto dancing about how fleeting life is.

Mel will be coming by to help me set up the basement studio in the next two weeks.

...life is looking pretty good.


unrelated commentary

I'm always surprised by how evasive people can be.

Apparently I run on Nightmare Fuel, because Lustmord's music makes me super sleepy and relaxed. It's like standing on a steel bridge next to a highway with the bass turned all the way up. On the other hand, my favorite noise in all the world is the idling of diesel locomotives. At least our house has an oil furnace, so it rumbles and hisses all through the night.

Oh man, my favorite character in this novel I'm writing pulled such a petty dick move. No one's going to like that character after that. But it works so well!

ETA: Link for today: Washing hair in space! That video makes me feel like a total voyeur. :( BUT IT'S SO INTERESTING!


holy shit

Why on earth would anyone need a character sheet this complicated?! Doesn't that suck the fun out of writing?

If this character were an animal, what would they be?

What changes their opinion of the character, if at all, and how so?
But that's the entire story right there.

In unrelated news, I may or may not be drawing a giant crab holding a martini right now.


Apr. 18th, 2010

Anyone want How To Draw Manga: Male Characters? Otherwise it's going to the local used bookstore (hopefully). Note: the art in the book is not that good, and the anatomy is passable at best. There are useful notes and poses in it, though.

I may as well list the other stuff I found in case anyone's interested:

Ragnarok manwha, volumes 1-2 and 4-10. (someone borrowed and never returned 3, iirc. pretty art, easy-to-follow layouts, the basis for the MMO. totally cheesy JRPG-style narrative with attack names and everything)
The Dolphins of Pern (It's from middle school, I swear!)
The Anime Companion: What's Japanese about Japanese Animation?

An open letter to authors

Dear SF authors,

Please, no more "OMG IT'S A COLONY SHIP!" plots. Why can't the people know what they're living in for once?

Also, space? Is cold, yes. However, vacuum is the best insulator. So that means the problem isn't keeping the spaceship warm, it's shedding the heat the spaceship generates. And if you somehow touched the outer hull from the inside? It probably wouldn't be chilly. It would probably be warm or neutral.


*On the other hand, I may just be bitter because I'm writing something set on a colony ship in a nomad space fleet. But at least they know where they freaking are!

Feburary and March Book Round-Up!

Reactions, not reviews. Probably contains spoilers. I have a broken spoilometer, so I'm not sure. I did try to be vague, though. :D

PERCY JACKSON (all five books; link is to the first one only) by Rick Riordan: Modern boy finds out he's the son of Posidon and there are like, whole camps full of half-breeds… but life of a hero can be pretty brutal and short. There was an annoying tendency for female characters to sacrifice themselves heroically, but then some male characters did it too and serious badassery went down in the last book (not by the main character)! And in the end it wasn't all about him and the humor was adorable and … well, my major hangup was that, dude, western civilization = / = the world. That aside, it was good fun, and most is forgiven because of the badassery of the last book. Remember how Harry Potter 7 promised some epic last battles, but then it was three-fourths camping and angst? Yeah. Well, book 5 of Percy Jackson is one huge epic last battle. Percy also has a strong and lovely and believable relationship with his mom, which is awesome. (btw, Percy's mom and Mrs. Weasley are officially allowed to hang out and be badasses together.) I would have hauled these everywhere and re-read them in elementary and middle school, so if y'all know kids that age who read a lot, go ahead and recommend these to 'em. Skip the movie, though, as it is all kinds of terrible.
HOWEVER, in the next books in this setting, some kumiho or tengu or like, Amaterasu or Shiva or SOMEONE better show up and whoop some Western world ass. I would read that so hard.

SECRET OF THE THREE TREASURES by Janni Simner - Elementary-school girl gets into adventures in her small town in Conneticut. omg. I got this in the mail from Janni today and took it on the bus with me and then missed my stop twice because I was enthralled. ADORABLE. I don't know if anyone else read the Vesper Holly books by Lloyd Alexander, but I know that Tiernay, the main character of Treasures, would have adored those, and she definitely had that kind of spunk. I love adventure stories, so this was right up my alley, and ... yeah. Adorable.

ESCAPEMENT by Jay Lake: Cranky librarian and … engineering genius girl? travel to China in a world that is basically a giant clock. Sequel to Mainspring, and I personally found it much more satisfying than the first book. Also, female characters! Except … they didn't seem to be able to relate to anyone else? As if men were the best at everything and were always keeping women down, which, okay, yes. But there were no women's circles or women's spaces. Men kept them apart simply by being jerks, and in my experience, there are always places where women can gather and talk and have lives, even if overruled by men. However! On a totally unrelated note, Boaz, the brass man, was prettymuch the adorablest semi-Jewish brass clockwork man ever. I'm going to read Pinion because omg I ship engineer girl/Boaz. Yeah, I just brought fangirl lingo to the table.

LINGER by Maggie Stiefvater: More winter werewolves! I liked it better than the first book, although I found all the characters a bit, erm, ordinary? On reflection, I realized that was because they were all decent people, and the love is cute, and the love interest boy is basically the nicest dude ever. Also, the main character is smart and has a real personality. So you know what? You go, book. Rock on. I recommend this to anyone who liked Twilight, and I will definitely be reading the third one. If y'all have nieces or nephews or sisters or whatever who loved Twilight, slip 'em a copy of the first book, SHIVER.

THE GOD ENGINES by John Scalzi: holy depressing, Batman. I read it because ... erm, er, shameful secret, here: I thought it would have everything I love about the Warhammer 40,000 setting in it, without the Space Marines. Spoilers: It totally did. If you like some grimdark in your space fantasy, you might like it too.

CYCLER by Lauren McLaughlin: Instead of having her period, teen Jill turns into a boy once a month. I hated Jack, her male alter. :( I couldn't tell if I was supposed to like him or not, but I felt like all the characters were like "well his behavior's excusable because he was locked up all his life" and arrrgh. I mean, I guess I would be a total jerkbag if I had four days a month to be alive and nothing to do but masturbate, but still. STILL.

HUSH, HUSH by Becca Fitzpatrick: I put this one down about forty pages in when the biology teacher sexually harassed the main character and didn't pick it back up. I heard from my roommates that it just gets worse from there, with all the male characters trying to kill or harassing the main character -- but it was cute when creepy love interest made her tacos, so I guess that... nope, I still got nothin'.

STARFISH, by Peter Watts: Man, everyone was broken beyond repair in this book. I'm not sure people work like that. Maybe I'm too optimistic for Watts' work? Got halfway through and skimmed 'til the end. Really cool concepts, though.

LOOKS, by Madeleine George: Not SF! I know, gasp. Also entirely in present tense, so it took me a while to get into. After I got past the cinematic, sweeping opening that, er, reminded me of those ridiculous "Zoom! Enhance! Uncrop! Rotate 180!" scenes in crime drama TV; roommate told me she found that part quite beautiful, so obviously it does work for some people. The rest of the book was gripping. Well-done drama, and I actually liked the poetry that the main character wrote, which was also an important plot point.

JAPAN AI: A TALL GIRL'S ADVENTURES IN JAPAN, by Aimee Major Steinberger: Really cute comic diary of a cosplaying American fangirl's trip to Japan. Nothing meaty here, just adorable cartoon figures running around Japan and being touristy. Also, the cover is sparkly.

I feel like I read more stuff, but I can't remember it, so here you go! Next I plan to read Flygirl, Inside Out, Ironside, Snow Crash, and everything else on my list from earlier. I'm kind of getting tired of YA, though. Too many unintelligent adults in 'em. And omg guys, omg. My favorite cracky murder book author just released the 4th in her series. Yessssss.

Stuff I didn't read: everything I listed on my to-read list/am supposed to/etc.

Gaming can change the world!

Interesting 20-minute TED talk about gaming, hope, trust, and changing the world.