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printmaker ordinariare

new and improved!

I wrote it in first person ★ cuz it's a flashback!
I am an art student whose current focus is on astrogeology printmaking. Someday I will make an art book and it will be glorious. For now, my sights are set lower, on things like kingfishers and glow-in-the dark posters. Don't you like glow-in-the-dark posters? Of course you do!

spaztic_chu's my best friend or roommate or minion or evil overlord or something.

We have a studio/joint account on DA- Studio Iroiro, http://iroiro.deviantart.com
I am working on getting a website up.

My art is sometimes on my DeviantArt page (http://mechacharibdys.deviantart.com) though I occasionally post works in progress or other random artworks on here. I do post my prints on here, and not on DA. Also my schoolwork (which is my better work) doesn't usually go online because it is usually too big or expensive to scan.

I also write some science-fiction and fantasy. I have not been published yet. What little writing I post online is in this journal under friendslock. :)
airplanes, aliens, anavel gato, ancient history, animals, anime, anthropology, archaeology, architecture, art, art history, arther rackham, astrogeology, augmented reality, autumn, biking, biology, birds, bookmaking, books, bugs, char's custom, charybdis, china, chinese pirates, chocolate, classical music, comics, computers, craft of writing, cute things, cyborgs, diana wynne jones, dinosaurs, dogs, dragons, drawing, drypoint, edward gorey, engineering, etching, f-16, fantasy, feathered velociraptors, fighter-jet piloting, firefly, flying, forests, gelgoog, geology, gerbera tetra, giant robots, gouf, guivre, h. p. lovecraft, halcyon, hawaii, history, history of imperial china, human nature, humor, imaginary numbers, industrial design, industrial revolution, industry, insects, intaglio, integrated biotechnology, ire, islamic art, j.r.r. tolkien, jane austen, jet engines, jets, judiasm, kate beaton, kate elliott, kingfishers, language, languages, life, m. c. escher, machine-human interface, macross, manga, mars, mecha, military aircraft, monsters, mysteries, mystery novels, mythology, old books, old houses, old movies, painting, panache, photography, plenty of books, printmaking, publishing, rain, ravenous cute things, reading, relief printmaking, religion and morality, russian opera, rust, sashimi, schell bullet, schnauzers, science fiction, serigraphy, sharks, short stories, shostakovich, silkscreening, skiffy, sleep, socio-economic dynamics, space nomads, speculative fiction, steel, swimming, technology, thai food, the hivemind, thinking, thunder, tuna, tuvan throat-singing, tyrannosaurus rex, ursula vernon, victorian literature, water resource management, weighted lines, wit, wordos, writing, wyverns, xenomorphs, young adult literature, yuusha-oh tanjou, zaku, ؟, , ,


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